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Stiga cultivator/tiller

Stiga cultivator/tiller
Stiga cultivator/tiller

The STIGA SRC 775 RG rotary tiller is powerful, compact and practical. This rotary tiller has a powerful 182 cc 4-stroke petrol engine with a net power output of 3.1 kW, and is equipped with six rotors (three on each side) for a 75 cm working width and a working depth of 24 cm. The two gears – 1 forward and 1 reverse – ensure manoeuvrability. Two lateral protection discs allow the rotary tiller to be used in close proximity to borders and trees. The height and angle of the handle can be adjusted for greater user comfort in all conditions, while the front wheel allows it to be moved easily.

  • Brand: Stiga
  • Model: SRC 775 RG
Ex Tax: £457.50
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