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Mountfield battery lawnmower

Mountfield battery lawnmower
Mountfield battery lawnmower

Princess 34Li Freedom48 Cordless Lawnmower.

If you're looking for a new electric lawnmower, consider the Mountfield 48V Princess 34Li. There's no mains electric cable to drag behind you or get snagged in plants and garden furniture, or worse still get cut by the blade. Simply click your battery into place and you're ready to mow.

34cm cutting width

Integral rear roller

Hand propelled

48V Lithium-Ion battery powered DigiTorq brushless motor

Polypropylene cutter deck

Mulching plug and 35L grass collector.

Charger and 1 x 2Ah battery included.

Centralised height of cut adjustment 6 positions 25-75mm

2 Year warranty

Ex Tax: £249.17
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