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Honda blower

Honda blower
Honda blower

Cordless range.

The Honda cordless range revolutionises gardening, with the use of one high performance interchangable battery that is used to power any of the three Honda tools. So hedge trimming, leaf blowing and lawn trimming can be accessed in any part of your garden without a cord. The specific 56 volt Honda batteries offer a long runtime, with a quiet and exhaust-free energy supply. All the machines are easy to use, you just need to plug and play. 


56V Brushless motor, variable speed, upto 120mph air speed, 2.34kg (without battery).

Compact and lightweight, the Honda blower features a powerful turbine fan capable of producing a 91 mph (147km/h) airstream. Which means it’s powerful enough to shift even heavy and wet debris. It has three settings: low, high and turbo to control the air speed - perfect for clearing lawns, paths, patios and driveways.

  • Brand: Honda
  • Model: HHBE81 BE
Ex Tax: £137.50
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