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Logic sweeper-collector/horse muck collector

Logic sweeper-collector/horse muck collector
Logic sweeper-collector/horse muck collector

MSP120W - Sweeper-Collector/Horse Muck Collector c/w remote throttle and geared winch for emptying.

Standard Features.

1.2 metre working width

Floating drawbar for light, easy hitching and more compact storage

Remote throttle cable which is clipped onto the towing vehicle during use

Throttle cable ‘park’ to prevent tangles when machine is not in use

Easy to start Honda 5.5hp engine

Mesh topped hopper visually indicates when hopper is full

Mesh top easily removed for cleaning purposes

Strong manual winch for easy hopper emptying

Easy height adjuster

Large rear castor wheels for low ground pressure, stability and manoeuvrability

Open-wheel design prevents mud build-up in wet conditions allowing all-year-round use

Low ground pressure minimises damage to ground in wet conditions

Useful for removing other debris such as twigs, leaves, acorns, grass clippings etc


Tine bar

  • Brand: Logic
  • Model: MSP120W
Ex Tax: £4,465.00
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