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Countax 4wd garden tractors

Countax 4wd garden tractors
Countax 4wd garden tractors

B255-4WD 726cc Kawasaki twin cylinder (FR730) 122cm/48" XRD Deck.

A powerful four-wheel drive garden tractor for larger gardens and grounds

The B255-4WD is the largest four-wheel drive garden tractor from Countax. Featuring a powerful 726cc Kawasaki engine, this riding mower is perfect for larger grounds where more power is needed to tackle slopes and difficult terrain.

4TRAC four-wheel drive technology, combined with the engine’s 54.3NM torque output, makes this four-wheel drive riding mower a formidable force – excelling on slopes, mud and rough ground. Additionally, Dynamic Traction Control prevents scuffing on the lawn by varying the speeds of the front wheels when turning.

Featuring refined, lightweight steering and a tight turning circle, manoeuvring around trees, flowerbeds and other obstacles has never been easier.

A range of accessories, attachments and cutter decks are available for this four-wheel drive garden tractor – for added versatility and year-round use.

A Countax B255-4WD  is the perfect four-wheel drive garden tractor for large gardens and grounds with challenging terrain.

  • Brand: Countax
  • Model: B255-4WD 122CM/48" XRD DECK
Ex Tax: £6,374.17
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